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The Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal (HURJ) was the first interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal on the Homewood campus and one of the first undergraduate research journals in North America. HURJ proudly showcases incredible research done by Hopkins students within the fields of the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and engineering. HURJ is a student-run research journal that offers students from Hopkins the opportunity to share their findings to the global community.



The journal distinguishes itself with its rigorous editorial process; we hold our articles to a high standard of scientific acumen and writing quality: each incoming submission is first revised by our student editorial board. 


Our diverse editors, united by the goal to promote undergraduate research, are involved in all journal operations, from soliciting research articles to coordinating with authors throughout the editing process and launching the journal. We encourage anyone with strong writing and editing skills and an academic interest in research to apply.


In addition to providing students with the opportunity to participate directly in the publication process, HURJ is always looking for ways to encourage student involvement in all things research. 

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Youngjae Cha

President/Editor In Chief

Cindy Li

Vice President/Head of Layout

Wendy Tsai

Managing Editor: STEM

Luanna Chan

 Editor: Humanities

Reshmi Patel


Senyoung Kim


Sid Kavuturu

Public Relations Chair

Ayush Prasad


Lina Oh


Rebecca Lin


Sejean Yang


Karin Kartawira


Sandeep Kambhampati


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